The City of Perth incorporates the Perth CBD together with the suburbs of East Perth, West Perth, Northbridge and a part of Crawley.  The CBD accommodates a workforce of over 124,000, has an office floor space of 1,636,104 square metres and there are five hotels with a five star rating.

The City of Perth has a residential population of 20,762 and covers an area of 8.1 square kilometres.  There are 26 parks, which cover 118 hectares.  There is also 13km of river foreshore.   Key community facilities include a child care centre, rest centre, library, town hall, two concert halls and two senior citizen/community centres.

The City of Perth employs 673 staff and has an annual revenue budget of $198 million.  There are nine elected members and 11,385 electors.  The City of Perth is one of 30 local authorities in the Perth metropolitan region. Twenty of these local authorities are classified as cities, seven as towns and three as shires.  The state’s population is 2.58 million, with 78% (2.02 million) residing in the Perth metropolitan region.

Lord Mayor Profile

The Rt Honourable the Lord Mayor - Lisa Scaffidi

The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor Ms Lisa Scaffidi is the 17th Lord Mayor of the City of Perth.   Lisa has served as the Lord Mayor since October 2007 and was re-elected again for a 2nd term of four years on October 15th 2011.   Lisa has also served as a Councillor for seven years from 2000.

Perth born and educated, Lisa is known for her keen focus on the city’s long term economic development with a keen focus on those initiatives that attract more investments, conferences and events and business plus tourism to our city. The capital construction projects committed to during her tenure have changed the face of Perth and the vitality and attractiveness of the city has seen her credited as being a change agent.

As runner up in the 2012 World Mayor Award and the only woman finalist in the final ten commended in this highly coveted Award globally, Lisa has driven international engagement opportunities for Perth with a keen focus on science and education.