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Infrastructure investment matters to Cities

The Council of Capital City Lord Mayors (CCCLM) welcomes the Prime Minister’s release today of the Infrastructure Australia report Our Infrastructure Challenges. The report highlights the urgent need for attention to the provision of the right infrastructure... Read More

Lord Mayors welcome “20 Minute City” paper

The Lord Mayors of Australia’s capital cities have welcomed a policy paper released by the Bus Industry Confederation (BIC) today proposing national leadership to drive the creation of ’20 minute cities’ in Australia. “The Lord Mayors of... Read More


The Australian Night Time Economy and the economic performance of key LGAs

The National Local Government Drug and Alcohol Committee (NLGDAAC) encourages ways of sharing best practise that may help improve the quality and safety of the Night Time Economy.

In this study it sponsors understanding of the economic impact of the NTE and we ask questions such as

How big is it?

In what ways is it changing?

What is its economic role in urban centres?

This work follows an initial report on the Australian Night Time Economy5 for the time period 2009 to 2011.

This new analysis captures that period and reports through to the end of June 2013.


CCCLM policy position – Homelessness

It is a fundamental right of every Australian to live in a home that is safe, secure and affordable. The reality is that not everyone in Australia can access this basic human right. Homelessness is an issue that affects all capital cities.

CCCLM 2 Homelessness

CCCLM policy position – Emissions Reductions

As large users of energy, cities produce a significant proportion of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and consume an estimated 75% of the world’s energy (C40 Cities 2009).

CCCLM has a bold agenda to improve the way capital cities are planned, built and function to achieve efficient use of resources and to develop lead approaches to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

CCCLM 5 Emissions Reductions

CCCLM policy position – International Education

Education is Australia’s fourth biggest export sector. It is the largest export industry for Victoria and second largest for NSW. Education generates $15 billion a year (down from $18 billion in 2009) and supports approximately 100,000 jobs across Australia. CCCLM believes more needs to be done to secure Australia’s future as a leading education exporter.

CCCLM 3 International Education

Unlocking Smart Growth in Australia’s Capital Cities

Unlocking Smart Growth in Australia’s Capital Cities identifies the critical components that contribute to making our cities more prosperous, sustainable and liveable places. The Smart Growth model provides a real alternative to continual expansion. It focuses on building mixed use communities with a range of housing and transport choices, great public spaces and access to local jobs.

CCCLM has been pleased to work with Urbis to bring this important report  to Australia
Unlocking Smart Growth in Australia’s Capital Cities

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